Our ​Mission

Est 2017

At Twack City⁸¹⁶, it is our mission to create a secure, ​inclusive, and vibrant environment where every individual ​is empowered to express their authenticity without the ​fear of judgment, drama or exclusion.

As leaders of this community, we are committed to fairness ​and respect, ensuring that our actions are never swayed ​by personal biases.

We strictly enforce a zero-tolerance policy where ​Removing any PARTICIPANT on personal grounds is ​absolutely unacceptable. We are actively committed to ​upholding the integrity and safety of our environment.

Our vision extends beyond preventing negativity; Our aim is ​to cultivate a vibrant, inclusive environment that ​celebrates diversity and fosters a sense of belonging for ​all attendees, ensuring that each person’s experience in ​Twack City⁸¹⁶ is not only safe but enriching and ​unforgettable.